Keeping it alive

This blog assumes you’ve already crossed the barrier of exploring the lifestyle at least once and you’ve decided to continue your journey.  As newbies, this can be challenging at times, especially for the two of you. Swinging is an extension of your sexuality. It’s a means to explore further, and what you will find is a world of friendships beyond what you may think was possible.


First you establish rules between the two of you. These rules may be many or few, but keep to the rules you set until you both decided to deviate. Discuss the possibility of same room or separate rooms, discuss your approvals to text with others, or send pics. Never keep secrets from your partner. Being transparent is important in establishing trust. Trust between the two of you can be the make or break of your experience in the lifestyle. This also means no sneaking around behind your partner’s back.

Your Partner is #1

Ensure your partner receives equal attention. There are times a man and a woman meet another woman. It’s almost natural for the man to focus his attention on the new woman. Refrain from this, be with your wife, kiss her, caress her, make her feel just as important, or more important in your engagement.

Use Protection

There are many swingers who do not use protection. We encourage using it and getting tested regularly especially if you have any symptoms a few days after and encounter. Make this a habit, and discuss with your new playmates your preference. Most in the lifestyle will accommodate and most bring the protection also.

Enjoy your experience and have fun together as a couple.

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