Your first 4some

There are multiple settings where you could have your first encounter. Some set up a date to meet for dinner, or drinks, then go back to someone’s home or hotel. Some meet at an off-premise club and go somewhere, some meet at an on-premise club and find a room, or some meet at a swingers house party.

Other than the logistics, the approach is the same, especially for new couples.

Just do it

You are all there for the same reason—more than likely, you can tell if there is interest between the four of you. Ensure your partner is enjoying the other spouse. Sometimes this isn’t always obvious, especially when you’re paying attention to the other spouse. If there is doubt, take your spouse aside, make some excuse like to get a drink, but you’ll be right back.

Ensure you’re on the same page. This is critical to enjoying your first and many other encounters. If yes, then go back to that couple and simply ask…”Would you like to go somewhere more private?”

Be ready for it

They might say no and hopefully, explain why. Don’t feel rejected, and there are many no’s in the lifestyle, just like in dating. But there will be yes’s.

If they say yes, find out if they like separate rooms or same rooms. Some spouses aren’t comfortable with their other spouse making noises of passion. It may not be due to jealousy, it could be simply a distraction.

If you and them like the same room, maximize your experience with the other spouse and yours. Touch your spouse, kiss your spouse when you can. Show how much you adore them and enjoy their ecstasy.

When you’re done, enjoy your spouse. It’s important to reconnect with your spouse and show your adoration for them, then talk with the other couple how hot that was and how much you enjoyed your time with them.

It all starts with the first person who asks, “Let’s get a private room.” Trust me; once you attend more parties or events, this question will get easier.


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