How to Approach Swinging with Your Partner?

The very first thing to understand is that swinging as a couple is about you as a couple. It’s an extension of your sexual desires and you do this together or it may end badly.

With that said, the first fear many have is that newbies will be thrown into the middle of a pile, and the lions will molest the hell out of you. For some, that is a fantasy in itself, but 99.9% of swingers are very respectful to new couples and want them to fit in at their pace. We literally have hundreds of swinger friends over the past 15 years and nearly all are the kindest and respectful people you would want to know.

There are many ways to introduce it to your partner, but only you will know what he/she might accept or might cause him/her to throw you pillow on the sofa. Discuss fantasies of being with another man or woman. Suggest watching a movie with this type of scene, or if you’re already wide open, there’s plenty of porn with threesomes and more-somes in it.

Do some Research

There are many swinging date-sites out there, some are more popular based on the area you live. Find a local (or far away) meet & greet. Get to know others or find a party. Hotel parties are good because most are socializing downstairs first with an after party later. Ryan and Ginger went to one of these with an agreement to only stay downstairs for the first time and get acclimated. Or if you feel daring, jump into a house party. Again, this is for the two of you, you can simply observe, or participate, no one will judge you.

Be Polite and Respectful

I cannot emphasize this enough to relax, be social, be thankful to the hosts, and be kind and appreciative to others especially if you see them naked or having sex. Admiring others’ bodies is very uplifting in the lifestyle, especially for those who were once a little insecure. The lifestyle has made a big difference for many in that regards.

Do these things and soon you will be asked to attend or accepted to more parties in the future. Also, see how Ryan and Ginger approached this in Our Secret Life – Our Awakening.

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