Single Women at a Swinger’s Party

Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red rose

I want to experiment more, now what?

You’ll see the term Unicorn out there, known as the elusive single woman fantasy for a couple. Use the term if you like, but for starters, many single women find websites such as AdultFriend Finder, or SwingLifestyle, or SDC, Kasidie, or others. If you put photos on the website with your face, figure, perhaps some cleavage, perhaps more, you can expect to be bombarded with messages from single men, and couples.

We know a few single female friends who were so intimidated by the hundreds of messages per day they were getting, that they closed out their account. A couple of them deleted any that didn’t have an interesting intro. But it can be intimidating. Know this going in.

What Should I Expect on a Date?

You should never expect anything but a fun social evening the first time you meet with a single man, woman, or a couple unless….you want to do more. There are a few couples out there who will offer to take you out for dinner, drinks and expect you to go back to their hottub. Let them know up front that you don’t play on the first meet so that isn’t expected, unless of course, you want to, then by all means enjoy the evening.

What should I expect at a meet & greet?

A single woman will be welcomed with open arms. You’ll be introduced to every couple at the social event. Be prepared, Bi women are very touchy…literally. Some will touch your arms and your breasts, most will ask, but don’t be surprised if it happens.

Here you will have the opportunity to meet other couples and some singles to find out who you might be interested in getting more intimate with later. It’s also an ice breaker and not so intimidating when you get to a party, you will at least know many of the people attending, providing it’s in the same circle of friends.

Single woman at a party

Be ready to offer your throat to the wolf with the red rose.

You are about to step into either the scariest encounter or the most exhilarating experience of your life. If you’ve never been to a swinger’s party or even with other couples, you may be a little intimidated as everyone couple or single will look at you like a wolf looks at a lamb. One thing you need to make perfectly clear in your mind…You are in charge.

We met one single woman at a meet & greet. She was fun and vibrant, and we looked forward to her attending our house party. About thirty minutes into the party, she sent me a text telling me she was parked out front and nervous to come inside. I walked out to meet her and she was embarrassed. I walked her into the bar where she saw some of the people she met at the M&G and become quickly comfortable and soon after was in the middle of her first orgy and loving every bit of it.

I want to repeat, you are in charge. Never be intimidated to do anything you don’t want to. Some men and women can be more than nudgy. It’s all bout you and your enjoyment, choose who you want, it could be 1, or 2 or many more, but it’s up to you. The limit of fun you can have is all up to you. If you don’t know anyone, then ask the host to introduce you to people. More than likely they will introduce you to good people who are patient and fun.

I Met a Man, Now What?

First of all, not all men, but many men will think with their cock and not their brain. This is where you need to understand some of the rules. For most couples, if you were to go off with the husband and you didn’t ask the wife, or worse, never met her, she will be upset with her husband, but may curse you. Your protocol is to meet his wife, if he’s there as a couple, and ask. As strange as it sounds, don’t be afraid to ask to play with her husband. Those in the lifestyle will welcome it, and probably thank you for asking. This is the best way to make her your friend versus not so much. Pay attention to her body language too. If she has any hint of apprehension, then suggest another time perhaps. Some wives prefer to know a single woman a little longer before allowing to play with their husband. If you do play, afterwards, go back to her and thank her for letting you borrow her husband. This protocol will make you a friend for sure.

I had a single woman who knew our lifestyle activities, but never explored. She attended a vanilla party and spent the night. I asked if it was ok to play with her and wife said yes. We had a great night together. The next morning, before she left, she stood outside our bedroom embarrassed to say goodbye. I saw her out there, came out and escorted her in to say goodbye, whereby my wife said, “I hope he took care of you last night.” Her response was, “OMG, yes, thank you so much, you don’t know how much I needed that.” We are all good friends to this day and she is exploring even more.

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