Single Men in the Swinging Lifestyle

Single men are always in question, but the question is –

What kind of single man are you? This may be sensitive for some, but after fifteen years, we’ve seen where single men fit and don’t fit. This blog mostly addresses men who are new to swinging, or those who meet a new group of swingers.

Attractive men always get laid. – False.

We’ve met some attractive men who are complete assholes and arrogant. With that said, it does help to be attractive, but as in Ryan and Ginger’s story, Ginger may be initially attracted to handsome and intellectually flirty men, but for those who don’t consider themselves very attractive, she’s gone to a bedroom with you too. You may need to work the charm a little more, but that is what woman really enjoy.

Charm her pants off

Never go to a party and assume you’re going to get laid. This is especially true if you’re new to the scene or to the group of people. Go in and make a friend, talk to the husband also, be engaging, be charming and compliment. Chances are the husband will set the tone if you’re talking to both of them. He wants her to be comfortable, especially if you’re single. If you kiss her, never assume the rest of her body is available to touch right away, always ask. There are some women who will simply place your hand where she wants it, but never assume or you will make an ass of yourself. If you go to a party and you just hang out along a wall and watch, more than likely you’ll begin to get the “Creepy Guy” label. You do not want this. Don’t be shy, but don’t be overly cocky or conceded. Many times, we’ve heard men boast how well they’ll please, only to get nervous and disappoint. Just be engaging and fun.

What if the Husband wants to Join?

If you are single at a party and meet a married woman, you should always be prepared for the husband to join you. This doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough to mention it here. This doesn’t mean the husband is Bi, he may be, but may not. He may just want to watch his wife get fucked. You’d be surprised how many husbands enjoy this. He may want to watch and then join in and get a 3-some going. You should be comfortable with this as it will make a difference on whether you get an invitation to another event. Also, if you do play well as a 3some with a couple, that rumor will get around also and you may get asked to join other couples.

What if I Bring a Date

Many single men and women feel obliged to bring a date to a swinger’s party thinking they will have better luck getting invited. This can work, or it can backfire. If you go to a party with a date and you end up playing with someone, leaving her to the wolves, your date may not be too happy. If she does “dance with the wolves” then it all works out, but if you’re proven to bring a date just to get into a party, you may not get another invite. Also, if you bring a date, have her be part of the experience, you should want her to be party of it, you’d be surprised how much fun you can have with another couple or more, but always make sure your date is fully aware of what the party is about, or you may be asked to leave. There are many single women on the swinger’s date sites. Many are looking for a man to be a Friend With Benefits (FWB) to attend parties or more.

The point of this blog is to give a quick summary of how a single man can enjoy the lifestyle, especially at parties or socials. The number one tip is to be patient, engaging, charismatic, and never pushy. It’s the lifestyle and if you use these tips, you will never have to be pushy, you’ll be asked to the bedroom.  Enjoy the lifestyle and have fun. Also read how Ryan and Ginger met their first single guy for a 3some. It will give you a lot of insight as to what can really happen.

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