What are Orgies Like at Swinger’s Parties

When someone thinks of an orgy, they think of many men and women in a pile of lust, a free for all of sex and passion. The truth is…It can be.

The short answer is they can be whatever you and your friends want it to be. Many think of swingers as random people getting together on an open mattress and having a free for all. Although, we have experienced some aspects of this and they are fantastic memories, it rarely happens this way. It probably took three years before we took part in an orgy and then it was more impromptu. We’ve also hosted a party with perhaps 12 people in a free for all in our bed. Although rare, it does happen.


Condoms become complicated in an orgy. Some only use them during penetration, some don’t use them, if you do use them you need to change them out between penetration of different people. Using condoms is always the safest approach. Ensure everyone knows expectations before you get started to make it a pleasant and trusting experience for all.


Let’s face it. A woman does not have to have an erection to have sex. For men, intimidation can influence junior from getting hard.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone or cut down those with ED as it is a serious condition, but understand the environment you’ll be in. If you do have known ED issues, take a pill, if you are nervous about joining, then tell your partner and perhaps start slow with maybe another couple and then add another and so on.

An orgy can be very intimidating especially for men. When it doesn’t work, it may reduce the tone of the orgy itself for everyone. I know this may be a disheartening paragraph, but it’s reality from over fifteen years of experience. Enjoy, but know what to expect.

The orgy stories in our books are derived from actual encounters. Read how they got started and it will give you an idea of how to get one going at your next event.

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