How do you start Swinging?

When we started, we googled a lot, found a few dating sites for swingers, and finally went to an off-premise event where there was no nudity, but more of a social to meet people and go elsewhere afterward. This is a great intro to experience the electricity of like-minded adults.

Another, and more popular option is to find a single man or woman to come join you. Some invite a friend, but that can be a roll of the dice on the future relationship with that friend. Others goto one of the swinger dating sites and find someone. They set up a dinner date, get to know each other and then determine if they want to take it to the next step, either that evening or another time. If ready, feel free to invite another couple instead.

The key is to never pressure your partner. Be in it together, be on the same page, know if you want to be in the same room as two couples or separate rooms. Remember to always share yourselves with your playmates. It’s you as a couple that are trying to extend your sexual relationship, not find a replacement. Ensure your partner/spouse knows that by including them and giving them the majority of the attention. Enjoy the liberation this lifestyle brings and have fun together and with your new friends.

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