How do you Overcome Potential Jealousy?

A couple asked us on our Facebook Messenger, “How do you overcome potential jealousy?”

This is probably the number one question all couples ask when thinking about the swinging lifestyle and it’s a very important question for both spouses to understand. If you have a strong relationship, and the two of you are comfortable with using toys and even talking about the fantasy of others joining you, then you’re probably more inclined to experiment with a couple than you thought.

Remember one critical thing. Swinging is simply an extension of the two of you. It’s an enhancement of what you already have, it’s not a replacement. Think of another person or couple as a human toy at first. Someone to play with, flirt, and enjoy intimately. It doesn’t even have to be full on intercourse at first. Get to know them and go at your pace.

Something important to consider is being mindful of your partner during the experimenting stage. He/she is your most important concern. It’s easy to get distracted with something new, but it’s critical to ensure your partner is included and not sidelined.

If there is one thing to remember, the Lifestyle is what the two of you make it. Enjoy the electricity, the friendships, and the memories. You’ll laugh and enjoy more than you’d think.

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