Couples First Swingers Event

Our First Visit to a Swingers Event

One of the most nerving experiences a couple can have is when they attend a swinger social, party, or any event with many people.

Many have scenarios running through their mind, but the biggest fear is the unknown. It’s your first time; you don’t know what to expect unless you attend with someone you know.

Most of the time, especially if you don’t disclose to the hosts that you’re new, you will arrive, get a drink, see everyone in attendance laughing, flirting, kissing, and getting along. The two of you hold your drinks, smile and stand along a wall, wondering what to do. You came prepared with a half dozen condoms but didn’t know if you were ready to use them.

One of two things will happen depending on the attendees. You will be ignored because no one knows what to expect with you, and some don’t enjoy breaking in newbies. (We try to stay away from this crowd) or someone will see you there, introduce themselves to you, and then introduce you to everyone else. I encourage all new people to inform the host that you’re brand new. The more experienced hosts will be glad to introduce you to their friends to ensure everyone has a great time.

Ensure your rules are known.

The biggest negative experience you can have is if you don’t establish rules for the two of you. Imagine the husband refilling his wife’s drink. He comes back to find his wife on her knees sucking a cock. Was that in the rules? Is that something he want’s to see, or did she just go along with it because she was asked? Do you have rules to have sex with individuals separate from each other, or only as a couple, or are you open enough to jump into an orgy with others watching? Obviously, this is more pertinent to a house party, but there is plenty of kissing and touching at public socials also.

Never assume

When you attend a party, you may see people making out, groping each other, or even a hand under a skirt. This is typically happening among people who already know each other. Never assume you can simply do the same. You’ll be surprised at the amount of kissing at a house party. If someone kisses you, don’t assume you can carry on with more. You will usually get some indication for more. Be patient.

Also, another very important tip…If there is a time where the two of you are no on the same page, or one of you becomes upset at the other, take it outside to discuss. Never make a scene. This is the fastest way to have your name removed from further invitations. Everyone has disputes as a couple, just be discrete about them so as not to interrupt the energy of the event.

This is an experience for you two as a couple to expand your horizons and extend your sexual experience as an enhancement, not a replacement. Enjoy the experience together, talk about it together afterward and enjoy the electricity you can create together.

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