Tips for Great Oral on Her

The first thing you need to know is that not all labia are the same and not all nerve senses are the same. To be a Master is to learn what your partners likes as you explore and focus on them to provide her the pleasure she deserves.

Sensual touch is underrated. Touching her thighs, her labia, her clit, and her vagina all need touch whether it’s from your tongue or fingers. If you want to be a oral Jedi, study up on Yoni massage, but for now we’ll discuss Cunnilingus.

Although there are literally thousands of approaches, and we recommend trying all of them, one we’ve come up with is a great starting point.

Start with normal kissing, touching, caressing her face, her neck, her arms, her shoulder, her ear. Get her body warmed up and excited to receive. Once the clothes are off, lay her back and slowly progress toward her thighs. Kiss them softly, perhaps a slight nibble on her inner thigh. As you approach her labia, simply exhale heavily as you glide over and begin kissing her other thigh. Tease her for a few minutes and get her body warmed up even more.

Next, move in for the gold. Gently glide your tongue over her labia, gently slip it from her vagina, spread her lips and slide up to her clit. Spend time on her clit, licking it softly, slowly, slip your tongue back down to her vagina and back up. Use your fingers to open her labia. Go slow at first, let her pleasure build all the while, sense what pleases her the most.

At first, gently slip your finger inside so it can bend upwards, run your finger along her inner wall under her pelvis. More than likely you’ll find something that feels like a small bean. You might need to apply a little more pressure, or perhaps gently rub that area until further aroused. Lick and suck on her clit while gently rubbing this area. Listen and feel for her response.

Attempt to place two fingers inside, if your fingers become sore, remove them, and continue oral, then place them back in or change to your other hand.

When her body begins to react, don’t stop, if she becomes more aggressive, don’t stop, at this point, don’t stop until she tells you to, and follow through to completion.

Next time change it up a little and find out more of what she likes, explore together, ask her to guide you in what pleases her most. Enjoy each other.

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