NO Kissing Rule

You may meet a couple with a NO Kissing Rule.

Kissing is one of the most important aspects of foreplay. Kissing is unique to everyone. You have to feel it out with your partner to see how they like to be kissed, but you need to do so confidently. Never just force your tongue in a woman’s mouth right away. Work up to it, make them want to dance with your tongue. Kiss their lower lips with a little firmness, even rub your tongue on their lip, letting them know you want in. Put your hand on their cheek and softly caress it with your thumb. Glide your hand up to their ear and do the same with their ear lobe, then run your hand through the back of their hair softly, perhaps gripping it firmly in a fist for about a second to see their reaction…trust me, you want to know this reaction. For those with a no kissing rule, it may be a jealous issue. We were told once that kissing was too intimate. Like, what the fuck is fucking or sucking a dick? Those who believe in no kissing will not last long in swinging or eventually indulge when they find out many won’t give them the attention they want.

If they gasp or show they like their hair gripped, then don’t just do it again, but work your way back to that and the next time, perhaps tilt their head with your fist full of hair slightly to kiss their neck. Kiss down to their shoulders and perhaps lightly run your teeth along the muscle from their shoulder up to their ear and then playfully tug on their ear lobe with your teeth. Gently guide their head back by the hair and run your kissing to their throat. Gently release their hair and look into their eyes. You’re hoping to see hunger, but if not and they want to keep kissing you, then keep kissing and learn more about her likes.

Kissing is the most powerful part of foreplay.

Everyone woman we’ve met has said, “If he can’t kiss, he isn’t getting fucked.” Guys, I don’t know how much clearer of a message this can be. I don’t care if you have your mom, sister or French teacher teach you, but you better learn how to kiss. Read some books, watch some videos, this is your first test to determine if you’ll get laid…don’t blow it.

Also, note. Swinging provides you to experience some things your spouse/partner does not like, but you do. For instance, your wife may not like rough play, hair pulling, spanking, etc, but you do. Perhaps she likes the more romantic seduction, smooth slow sex. Swinging provides a means to find an opposite couple where you can both gain what you yearn for, and then come back to the loving arms of your partner later. No cheating or sneaking behind each other’s backs to get what you lust for. Everyone is open and accepting and comes back to each other and goes home. Life becomes so much more honest and exciting when you awaken to what Swinging can do for you.

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