Welcome to Our Secret Life

Welcome to Our Secret Life. Who would have known that just over fifteen years ago, we would be writing a book on what then was nothing more than stumbling around sexy people and looking like fools not even knowing how to talk to people? It was like we were in high school and went to a college frat party.

Once we figured it out, and became more confident, we met more friends, and then more friends and then even more. Over the course of our first few years we made many friends and had many fantastic experience, but also had several dramatic experiences also. When we told friends of these experiences, they would all say we should write a book. We attended house parties, hosted many house parties, Our Halloween and Santa’s Naughty Elf parties are still talked about today. We’ve considered writing a short book on one of our Halloween parties where ten couples rented a ten bedroom house and invited fifty more couples. It was monumental.

We toyed with the concept of writing a book for years, but it wasn’t until one of us became unemployed that words grew to life. Once we began typing out our experiences, there was no stopping. Twelve-hour days were consumed by reminiscing past experiences and putting as much detail as possible into print so people could learn and laugh at our stumbles and success through this somewhat challenging, yet very rewarding experience.

Our awakening was just that. We were in love with each other, our sex life was fantastic…but was there more?

The Mrs. read many romance novels. In fact, her Kindle library is quite voluminous with erotica. She would be the QC in our book writing, making sure He didn’t miss any details.

Entering the swinging lifestyle is explained well in many other books out there . Most are filled with flirt and fuck. It takes a level of trust, and interaction and patience to make it what the two of you want it to be and the best part of the experience, is learning something new for the two of you to take home and explore further together.

We will put a monthly newsletter out with a new topic and try to incorporate our knowledge and experiences. Our blog will be a way for you to ask questions and be better informed on swinging to make it the experience you want it to be.

Our continued experiences will be in the sequel Our Secret Life – Full Immersion. This book is full of more experienced excitement, laughs, and surprises that were not expected, but took Ryan and Ginger to levels they never imagined. Our beta readers have already told us it’s a great continuation from the first book. It should be on the market in December or January.

There are two other books in various levels of development to follow, all every exciting with sizzling erotica.

As our books become published, our list of members will have an opportunity to purchase a copy at a discount before it is available to the public. All we ask is to place a review on Amazon.

We look forward to you being part of our continued experience as we remain involved in the swinging lifestyle and we just may share some of our hot experiences in our blog with you. Or, perhaps you might be in those experiences with us.

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