Foreplay is Genuinely Underrated

Foreplay is probably the most important and desirable aspect of swinging. Sometimes relationships lose that spark that once was. Sometimes a relationship is solid, but lacks a certain touch, or wink, or electrifying kiss. Is he or she still interested or not? Sometimes a couple just wants more or different. Perhaps they exhausted all toys and want human toys now. There are literally an infinite number of ways to flirt and provide foreplay. This example is just touching the surface. We will have more examples in future blogs to include role playing, toys and a lot more.

How many can relate to being in a rut where they absolutely love each other, but content with sitting on the sofa watching TV, going to bed and wake up to another standard day. Many crave for that spark again, but don’t know how to get it back. How many of those people want that romance back from the beginning where a wink across the room lit a fire, a touch sent shivers through your body and a simple caress on the neck created need that you barely remember.

Some of those little things are what makes swinging that much more exciting. The flirting, touching, laughing, kissing, caressing. This is what men and women want in their foreplay. Of course, oral sex is considered foreplay, but people want their mind stimulated first. And next time a couple meets that other couple again, they will smile with reminiscence.

Merely fucking others is not the answer but bringing romance and seduction back with others just might bring a spark back in your life.

There are thousands of reasons why people become swingers. There are just as many reasons why people cheat on partners or sit at home eating frozen meals in front of the TV. But what would it take for you to be happy, laugh, and lust for someone knowing you’ll go home with your endearing spouse? What would you do to embrace sexual bliss again, laugh, flirt, be wanted again?

Seduce the mind.

This may seem like a simple concept, but I’ve found so few people know how. It can be as little as laughter. A woman’s touch on a man sends shivers through his body. Just random touching of his arm, or leg while talking or laughing will make him want to hand his leash over to you.

Most women are easy to seduce. This isn’t to be confused with being easy or simple, but they yearn for seduction and yearn to be wanted. The older they get, the more they desire it. You need to be tactful, kind, complimentary, and look into her eyes. Most women are turned on by a confident man or woman, one who will tell her through your eyes that you want to take her. Men are a little easier, show them attention, smile, touch their arm or hand.

Sexting is fun and a form of foreplay once you get to know each other. Or if swinging and your first date anticipate sex, then go for it, but also…be tactful. (ensure your partner approves. Never send nudes if your partner does not agree and remember, pics live forever) Don’t just send dick pics and say stupid shit like, “I’m going to split you in half.” Or “I hope your throat is ready!” Now if you find out later, she is into that, then, by all means, go for it. Not many are initially so be more tactful and explore his/her interests. Always start out with PG pics, perhaps flirt a little. Never show the good right away, but build up anticipation. A woman’s bare shoulder is very sexy, or her smooth thighs, bathtub photos while reading a book are very hot. A guy can show off too, perhaps his pants unzipped, or the outline of his cock in his jeans, or just flirt well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. More than likely you both are thinking about them.

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