What if He’s Better

What if another man pleases her better than I do?

We’ve seen this in the past and the answer involves putting on a different pair of glasses.

Couples seek the swinging lifestyle for many different reasons. One of which is to simply explore sexuality with others, the feel of being lusted over again perhaps. But what happens when another man pleasures your wife better than you have. What if she cries out in an orgasm like you’ve never heard before, or even squirted and you’ve never been able to do that for her? When people have these natural emotions, you might want to focus on your spouse versus yourself.

Some might get jealous over this and even end the lifestyle journey altogether, but you may have a different perspective when you put a different set of lenses on.

Everyone wants to ensure their spouse is aroused and satisfied, but to what extent? We’ve actually seen a couple make a scene when the wife had cried out in an incredible orgasm. The husband searched rooms trying to get to her while making a dramatic scene at the party. When he finally found her she was euphoric and embarrassed and told him it was the most incredible orgasm she’s ever had. He wasn’t prepared for her to respond to another man that way.  His behavior resulted in them being escorted from the party.

In the lifestyle there will be many different techniques, shapes, sizes to experience. This is an environment where a spouse should want their partner to enjoy all there is to offer and maximize pleasure and perhaps learn new techniques to try at home.

How can you watch your wife with another man?

Newbies ask this question often. I too was unsure how I would react the first time. I enjoyed watching her with a vibrator or dildo, so perhaps I would enjoy her with another man. Then when I actually watched another man fucking her and saw the arousal on her face, I became excited also.

When I saw a man with a larger cock than mine stretch her open, she looked into my eyes with her expression of pain and pleasure, and it turned me on too. Then when she had an orgasm while looking into my eyes, I shared that experience with her. The hunger she had when she was done with him toward me was mind-blowing and very exciting.

When you look at this from the perspective of watching her being pleasured, it’s no longer a jealousy issue for you but a pleasure experience for her. That is what makes the lifestyle incredible and why so many people are accepting and open about their sexuality in the lifestyle.

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