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Your first 4some

There are multiple settings where you could have your first encounter. Some set up a date to meet for dinner, or drinks, then go back

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NO Kissing Rule

You may meet a couple with a NO Kissing Rule. Kissing is one of the most important aspects of foreplay. Kissing is unique to everyone.

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The Art of Fucking

How is this an art? Just stick your cock in her pussy and start thrusting…right? Lol, I usually don’t lol here, but again, we’ve met

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What a Girl Wants!

Ok, so if they’re into swinging already, they are adult women, but the way Christina Aguilera sings it brings this title to mind. Many men

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The Ultimate Blowjob!

We’ve heard “professionals” say there is no wrong way to give a blowjob. This is true if you don’t care about pleasing the one you’re

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Keeping it alive

This blog assumes you’ve already crossed the barrier of exploring the lifestyle at least once and you’ve decided to continue your journey.  As newbies, this

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How do you Overcome Potential Jealousy?

This is probably the number one question all couples ask when thinking about the swinging lifestyle and it’s a very important question for both spouses to understand. If you have a strong relationship, and the two of you are comfortable with using toys and even talking about the fantasy of others joining you, then you’re probably more inclined to experiment with a couple than you thought.

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