Our Secret Life – LT RIchards

Our Awakening

Welcome to an experience that some will never understand, and many will be WoW’d with the best journey of their lives. A couple’s journey into the Swinging lifestyle can be nerving as you navigate through the many websites, people, parties, and perspectives. Ryan and Ginger’s experience will take you through a similar journey to what we went through as the authors. You will experience their stumbles in how to get started, first dates, parties, socials, and many other aspects of the lifestyle, but more importantly – The friendships you gain where you can be yourself without judgement. All of our stories are inspired from real encounters that we are eager to share with you.

Our Secret Life – LT Richards – Reviews

Our Awakening Reviews

We’ve been swingers for years and we can relate to Ryan and Ginger’s journey very well. So many memories came back reading how they got started, their dates and first experiences, and the steamy erotica was quite arousing.

A must-read for those interested in the swinging lifestyle and a book many in the lifestyle will appreciate what they went through in exploring the LS. Great Job LT Richards!

Our Secret Life – LT RIchards

Full Immersion

In Our Awakening, Ryan and Ginger begin their exploration in the swinging lifestyle. They trip over drama, scary basement encounters, making fantastic friendships, celebrating birthdays, and all the while they notice their adoration and sexual connection between each other grow.

Our Secret Life Full Immersion brings Ryan and Ginger’s experiences to new heights with current friends and new friends. They find that their long time vanilla friends are more than curious in their endeavors and in one unplanned evening, they find out how their interests merge. What they didn’t expect was their friend’s involvement into another lifestyle which drive Ryan and Ginger’s explorations to a level they never imagined.

Our Secret Life – LT Richards – Reviews

Full Immersion Reviews

LT Richards’ ‘Our Secret Life—Full Immersion’ is a fast-paced, enticing adventure in erotica. In the ‘Acknowledgement’ and ‘About the Authors’ sections, Richards admits to living such a lifestyle, so it isn’t surprising that the book itself reads—for the most part—autobiographically. It’s well-written and smooth. Best of all—and this seems to be a rarity in erotica—the characters and their actions have a genuine feel to them. The story isn’t about sex; it’s about the people enjoying sex.
~Engaging and Engrossing

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