R yan and Ginger experience the trials and tribulations most new couples experience when beginning their journey in this new frontier. How to find another couple, what to expect on a date, what is a house party, what is that used for, and the all time favorite is, 'wow, I've never done that before'. These and many more questions will be answered in Ryan and Gingers journey which is filled with risk, drama, passion, and of course a lot of steamy encounters. The memorable moments they experience and friendships developed are looked upon as something they never thought possible. Their experience is more than randomly meeting others for sexual pleasures, it's developing friendships which many could never see possible, friendships whereby a simple wink in public is magical, the slightest touch on an arm at dinner is breathtaking, and a smile across the room melts your soul, all while adoration for your own spouse is evident. We hope Our Awakening will wake you as well.